The Forest

New Forest lawn

A typical New Forest lawn

New Forest landscape at Bramshaw

New Forest landscape at Bramshaw

The New Forest is a special area by the south coast of England. It was named the New Forest almost a thousand years ago, and the name has stuck ever since.  It is one of the few places in Britain where ‘commoners’ have a legal right to let their animals graze on the open countryside.


The landscape of the Forest has a special quality hardly found anywhere else- large areas grazed flat by the commoners’ animals. These are the ‘lawns’ of the Forest, and give the impression of carefully tended parkland on a grand scale.

Loving the Forest

Bert Stride has been a commoner for as long as he can remember. As a small boy he used to herd pigs on the Forest.  Hear him explain how he feels about commoning and the New Forest.