Animal Accidents

Animal accidents have been a sad sight in the Forest since the arrival of the motor car. Almost every week one or more animals gets killed on the Forest roads. The worst are the hit-and-run accidents, where badly hurt animals are left to suffer, possibly wandering for days in pain before they are noticed.

The New Forest Trust has sponsored reflective collars for animals that make it easier for drivers to see them at night. But a collar won’t help a pony with its head in the hedge at the side of the road. At night it’s easy to miss a pony in the dark until it’s too late- particularly if you’re dazzled by the lights of oncoming cars. So the best way to avoid accidents is to drive at a safe speed. That means slowing right down whenever  there’s not a clear view of the road ahead and of the land to either side.

Hit and Run

Owen Dibden

Owen Dibden used to be an agister, and often had to put-down animals that were too badly hurt. He always found it sad- particularly where young foals were involved- and still has strong views about hit-and-run drivers.